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Image icon beside the site URL

I would like to have information about the icons which are displayed alongside the site urls on a web browser. is this some browser specific

GWT or DOJO or something else?

I come from the microsoft world (and i come in peace). i want to rapidly prototype a web app and if it works out, take it live - and i don't want

FormData server side NodeJS

I'm developing a web application using nodejs server-side. i'm trying to send pdf files from client to server. client: var

unable to read Data object

I have succesfully fetched the data i wanted but i am unable to print the titles, i need to check the titles of the data i am getting. what should

Framework 7 pages not loaded

I tried to create a web-app using framework7 core (without node, react, vue). i found that clicking the tabs at the bottom of

Flutter - Upload csv file

I would like to upload csv file in flutter. i am using fileuploadinputelement for file browsing. the problem i issue is how to

Separate REST API and App Server

We want to figure out, is it a good practice to split the rest api and app server. we code both of them with nodejs and host it on aws, also note

Storing logged in user details

When creating a web application, and lets say you have a user object denoting a single user, what do you think is the best way to store that the

Preventing bad data input

Is it good practice to delegate data validation entirely to the database engine constraints? validating data from the application doesn't

How to bring in a web app

I run a game and the running is done by hand, i have a few scripts that help me but essentially it's me doing the work. i am at the moment working

How to affordably release a Web App

I am a broke college student. i have built a small web app in php5 and mysql, and i already have a domain. what is an affordable way to get it

Preload multiple local WebViews

because i could just find some outdated information / not working solutions to my problem i decided to ask this kind of question

Laravel Administrator Localization

I'm working with laravel 5.3 and i am unable to use some of the public packages which are offering localization messages in the database. i have

Ext Js and Adobe Air

Can anyone reccomend some good tutorials for ext js and adobe air? the ones i have seen seem to start with you knowing a lot or already having a

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