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Chart on MS Access 2003 ADP report

What's the best method of displaying report data in a chart format in an access 2003 adp project? i know this can be done in normal mdbs but this

CSV date format

I have a vb application which extracts data and creates 3 csv files (a.csv, b.csv, c.csv). then i use another excel spreadsheet (import.xls) to

Compile issue using Solver

Sub macro2() ' ' macro2 macro ' ' range("g5").select solverok setcell:="$g$5", maxminval:=2, valueof:=0,

File keeps re-opening by itself

Hello one of the vp where i work made a workbook that has the below macro in it. for some reason after i open the file and close it on my own the

Displaying whole page nav shade

I'm designing a navigation shade for a personal project that'll look the same on all devices vs the hamburger solely on mobile. at the moment i'm

How to shrink navbar on scroll?

I'm using fullpage.js in my website. and with fullpage.js, script for shrinking navbar is not working. when i tried to run script without

VBA If with two conditions

I am trying to write a vba, which checks if column a is a specific string and column b is a specific string. if it's true, the cell in column b

Getting text from header columns

I have an ms word document with a three-column header like in the screenshot below. please advise a vba macro to get the text in each of the

autofill won't fill until last row

I have a code for inserting formula at some row in a module then i add a new module to autofill the formula depending on c column (if c 15

IF/THEN using IsEmpty

Probably doing something wrong here, so if i am please let me know! what i'm trying to accomplish: loop through the cells in

VBA Array repetition

I am trying to make a function that takes in 3 values, and outputs that many of three different numbers in array format (in this case 1,2,4). for

populate worksheet from excel table

I have been asked to remake the excel workbook to index where we keep the items. i have an excel sheet with a table ( excel table) that contains

String to Integer with CInt

I am copying a cell to a variable, converting it to an integer in a second variable, adding 1, and passing it back to the cell with the following

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