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Retrieving @@IDENTITY in AccessDB

I'm trying to retrieve the @@identity value from an access database after i add a row to it. however, instead of using hard coded connections, i'm

XML node name clean up code

I am trying to create an xml file based on data fields from a table, and i want to have the nodes named based on the value in a field from the

Ambiguous class members in vb.net

I am trying to use a class from a c# assembly in vb.net. the class has ambiguous members because vb.net is case insensitive. the class is

Exception Occur in VB.NET code

I was doing vb.net and use it to connect my sql database. right now i want to insert the data into my database, yet after i finish my code it

Deserialize JSON to a module

I need to parse a json that comes from a crypto exchange api. in this case, i need to parse my open orders. if there are no open orders, the json

CefSharp button click

I have a problem with clicking the button on the webpage with cefsharp browser. winforms + cefsharp browser i load the page

Default Form Button in FireFox

I am building a server control that will search our db and return results. the server control is contains an asp:panel. i have set the default

Using Only One ForEach Loop

Please see the following code:- private sub picturebox1_paint(sender as object, e as painteventargs) handles picturebox1.paint

Most efficient way to handle tasks

I have a windows form program that's running 24/7 and about every 15 minutes does some work and then has to make roughly 5000 http calls and i

POPUP calendar in ASP.net

So what i'm trying to do is to make a popup calendar by textbox by using datepicker. the problem that i faced is the calendar doesn't popup at all

Passing Values from Form to Form

I need to pass a data bound integer that is from a populated list in a combo box from one for to another. in form 2 i need the rest of the fields

Access Primary Key usage/role

My question is in relation to connecting a vb.net project to an access db. must i have a primary key in my table, or have is there a way to alter

vb.net get all rows from database

I am working on a a project (in vb.net) which contains a database that holds information about products, a product object class, a product list

website inserting pics

Hello i am getting this error message : object reference not set to an instance of an object. description: an unhandled

vb.net select statement failing

I have this code to populate a datagridview (dgv) the goal is to only populate the dgv with data from the linktable where one of its fields

Unit test fails, tested code works!

I have a simple unit test which tests that a validation function picks up a specific validation issue. the validation item returns a simple object

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