Typo3-7.6.x Questions


how to stop Google crawl /fileadmin

I use typo3 in a site containing some 4 thousand pages. in /fileadmin i store html pages that typo3 fetches using the "fetchurl" plugin. the

Create Menu starting from page uID

I have the necessity to create a hmenu that start from a certain page uid and go recursively along all pages under that one. i tryed to start with

Typo3 Migration 7.6 to 9

To migrate from typo3 7.6. to 9, do i have to make an intermediate step via typo3 8? i have a linux server and the current php is 7.0. php

Saving is very slow

I use typo3 7.6.x with news extension. i have a category "events" that contains many newsitems. when i add a newsitem in this

How to set default colPos in TYPO3

We are setting up a news integration for one of our customers and he needs the content element feature. but when adding a new content element to

TYPO3 not rendering certain parts

I am using typo3 version 7.6.32 and i have the problem that certain parts of the website are not getting rendered. instead the output looks like

Powermail doesn't send mail

I have installed powermail extension 4.4 on typo3 v7.6 project, the test mail is sending good, but when i fill the form on frontend and click

Category shown in list-view

Is there a way to setup categories in a way that category1 is only shown when there are no other categories selected.

Ghost field in Templavoilà

I'm using this bit of typoscript to generate some text. field_test is created via templavoilàplus. # if field_test

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