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Laravel - OutputStyle from jobs

I'm running into issues with allowing a laravel job to interact with the console output. at the moment i am passing in the outputstyle

Guzzle 6 Post upgrade

I recentely update my guzzle version from 3 to 6. the following call was working on 3 but now i need to upgrade it to 6 (as it is not working).

Display a switch by a flag

I need to display a switch if a flag in my database is setted to a positive value. <div class="form-group m-form__group row

Change Twig Loader order

So i've created a few twig loaders in my project for templates stored in databases. simply having them implement loaderinterface already

Firebase on Symfony4

I use firebase on my symfony, i install kreait/firebase-bundle but i don't know which file i can configure this bundle on

JavaScript - post request to Symfony

I wrote a function to sent a simple request trough controller via javascript in my symfony project. my alert is triggered when i refresh the page

Access Database Symfony2

Does anyone know how to access a database through an interface thats running under a symfony2 application? like in the way you can see a database

Symfony FOSCKE onchange event

I'm making a form field with fosckeditorbundle, which simply generates the ckeditor. the problem is, that i have to catch the onchange event on

Prestashop Repository not found

Good morning. i have a problem using the new symfony architecture. i created a modern controller where routing is working perfect. now i

Debug TYPO3 site configuration

I have to update a complicated realurl configuration to the new site configuration in v9. i get 404 errors and unwanted redirects, so i need

TYPO3 9.5 - PLESK 17.8 - NGINX

Have someone nginx and plesk without apache running? can someone share his nginx config for typo3 version 9, because mine which i have used so far

Two tables, two relationships

I have two tables; agency and user. in most cases, a user will belong to an agency otherwise will be null. this relationship is quite

Catching a 401 response in Symfony

I am trying to customise the error responses in a symfony app (6.0). the app makes as request using http client to an external api using an oauth

AWS front-end back-end communication

I have 2 apps running on asw symfony on port 8000 (local) and react 3000(local) but accessible through tcp on port 80 redirections was achieved by

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