Swift3 Questions


Remove point from hashtag Regex

I'm using kilabel for my swift project, in order to transform hashtags to links. my problem is that the regex function that i did is capturing

Extract vaues from an array in swift

I'm getting values of string in my response to whom i'm storing in an array. its is storing properly.now i want to get that values out of my array

Swift framework creation and usage

Using xcode 9.1 i am trying to create to start level simple framework in swift and use the same in objective c or swift proj. but i am getting a

REST API's issue

I am working on rest api's in ios application. i have tested server url and parameters

Custom Layout UICollectionView

How do i set a horizontal orientation to a collection view in swift? i need want the row layout to be like the picture below.

iOS view visibility gone

I am new to ios development.i want to toggle (hide/visible) a subview from parent view.in android there is a way to hide the visibility to

Resizing UILabel with HTML data

I created a uilabel and synced its font size with a seekbar and loaded my html formatted text onto the uilabel. unfortunately, the format gets

ImageCache swift 3

Hi i want to cache my images coming from json. i have made a networkservice which downloads and parse the json and i use the func downloadimage()

Just in time schema in Cloudkit

I want to use private database of cloudkit for my app, so for designing i was looking for something which would easily map my model classes to

Show a button on another controller

I have two controller, one controller is controllerone.swift, in this i receive notifications and i need when one notification arrive, show a

Relationship fault in Coredata

I know that there is much question about this problem on so, but none of them was helpful for me. i want to set array of students to each

Index out of range data nil swift 3

I have data coming from json and populating it inside an uiimage using alamofireimage. one of those elements that i am getting back from json is a

Swift: Load Photos images into app

I have an app which shows a screensaver when it detects that there is no user action. currently, it is working as the images for the screensaver

Escaping closure swift3

I am having an issue regarding closure escaping.the closure is defined as escaping but somehow the compiler always gives an error. the

Error on iterating over array swift

I'm trying to loop through array and get the coordinates but it's giving me an error and i can't access my array. the data is passed through a

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