Jul 04

Making Seo Friendly Website

When we build website main goal is to attract customers or clients for you business. This process is very stiff, you have to spend lot of money in advertisement or alternative is to make your website seo friendly so users can react you through google search.

Lets check out to steps what we need to tak care

1. Domain Name

Make sure your doamin is easy to understand and small in sizr to remember.

For ex: verygreatproduct.com is bad example, you can use goodproduct.com as its very easy to remember.

there are lot of choises on TLD(Top level domain) names like .com or .org pick best suited name for your web site.

Take your time to think your domain name as it is the name people will see for your business.

2. Content

Your web content should exist to answer searchers’ questions or query, to guide them through your site, and to help them understand your site’s purpose. If you make your content to rank hight alone will make your sites value down in your client's view once they could not find what you promissed.

Yes if you can maintain such conten which can do both its best case to do so.

Your content should include relevent keywords what you are trying to convey at the same time it should be uniqe. r

3. Google Search Console

Once your website is ready or have some content which user can read through its time to register your site to google search console.

Its most important to submit your website details to google so its search engine index your pages and your site can start appering in sarch results as soon as possible.

Google Seach Console

Register your site there and follow there instsructions to to own domain property in googl's view ;). in-short you need to verify that you own that domain and website.

4. Sitemap

You also need to show sarch engine bots that what are the pages your site has. generally crawl bots can crawl your site through your internal linking but some time some pages are not linked and missed by crawl bots.

So, its better to make sitemap.xml file and host it at the root level of your site.

sitemap.xml should available like this https://tutorialmeta.com/sitemap.xml

5. Google Analytics

Once everything is set and we assume ok, now someone will visit our website.

But Question is : How do we know someone visited our site ?

At this point we need to integrate some analytics tool which can show us how much traffic our site is getting. Which pages are mor popuper and Which pages are not visited.

By analysing this information we can diverge our strategies to add more popupler content at the same time make less visited content more interseting so people also visit it.

To register for Google Analytics visit Google Analytics's website and follow there instrucions.

Google Analytics


This are the basic stuff you should do if you want your website to reach your clients or world wide public.

This is just beginning we can do lot more to stand out our content from others. We will cehck out other seo friendly tactics like meta data, social sharing, keyword research in next tutorials.