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Jest with coffeescript jsx?

How can i use jest to test react components written in coffeescript + react jsx? the only coffeescript example provided with jest uses

Event not binding using react JS

Not able to bind event properly , & not even getting console errors for the same. as i am new to react, so not able to figure it out.

Reusing react component

I'm with some questions on the use of component react. basically i want to use the "title" component in various parts of the code, but it always

React JS in HTML

I am totally new to react js or any given server-side technology. and now, i want to learn how to develop in react js.

Transform JSX only

Support of es6 is improving (

Using refs outside component

I have a imagelistcomponent that contains an array of <reactswipe> elements. each element have a unique id using

Babel es2015 Arrow Function error

I'm using es2015 arrow functions in a react component that is throwing an error when i declare myfunction() {...}. the error doesn't

Testing a React Modal component

I'm sorry, but i've been having the toughest time trying to test closing my react modal by clicking a button. the modal is as simple as can be,

React code not showing in browser

I'm using webpack to bundle some react code written in jsx format. i have everything up and running as far as compiling goes and it looks as

Dynamic href tag React in JSX

// this javascript <a> tag generates correctly react.createelement('a', {href:"mailto:"},

Pass parameter with button click

I have a few dropdown boxes with different staff member types. i need to add/edit them in a form. so along each dropdown is a add/edit button. but i only

Create class in ReactJs using JSX

I want to create class in react using jsx. i have a dashboard built on react. i selected a part and through inspect element (google developer console) i got the react id.

JSX/Babel highlighting in PyCharm

I'm using pycharm for a combined flask/react project. i've got my javascript version set to "jsx harmony" in settings, but my code highlighting still looks like this:

Accessing deeper array keys

I am trying to create a navigation menu which supports dropdown items. i have created var menuitems={ items:[ { title:"home", id:1 }, {

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