Zapier Cli - Is There A Way To Send Line Items From Shopify To My Zapier CLI App?

Just like this zap, how can i accept line items from Shopify app into my Zapier Cli app? What should be the inputFields and how should I map them to Shopify line items?



To set up your action to accept line items, you'll want to designate one of the inputFields in your action as the "line items" field. This field should have a children property with an array of line item fields (using the same field schema).

For example, let's say your app has a "Create Invoice" action. The inputFields might look something like this:

inputFields: [
    {key: 'customerAccountId', required: true, type: 'string'},
    {key: 'dueDate', required: true, type: 'datetime'},
    {key: 'line_items', children: [
        {key: 'item_name', type: 'string'},
        {key: 'price', type: 'number'},
        {key: 'quantity', type: 'number'}

More info in the field schema docs:

This allows your action to accept line items from any app with a trigger that gives line items. The trigger description should say whether it has line item support—you can see a few examples from Shopify here: