Wrong Character Encoding In Dist Jar Generated With NetBeans

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I finally wrote me little app. It's desktop app but it has embedded web server. When I lunched it from NetBeans everything is ok. When I lunch dist jar I have correct character encoding in GUI, but web server output is corrupted ("?" instead of national characters).

I use NetBeans 6.7.1, jdk1.6.0_16, http server from Java 6 SE and lib Rome 1.0

I don't put any source code here, because I have no idea witch part should I put.

//edit: data are hardcoded in Strings. Those Strings are passed to Rome as arguments to create RSS nodes, Romes RSS feeds are are written to String and then Strings are passed to HttpHandler.



This issue probably has nothing to do with NetBeans. Usually character encoding issues are due to not defining the character encoding somewhere, in which case the actual character encoding will be determined pretty much by luck.

For instance, Java Strings are UTF-16 internally, but the encoding used by Java Readers is determined by the platform default unless explicitly specified.