Writing Iron Python Method With Ref Or Out Parameter

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i need to translate following C# method to the same IronPhyton method

private void GetTP(string name, out string ter, out int prov)
  ter = 2;
  prov = 1;


In python (and consequently in IronPython) you cannot change a parameter that is not mutable (like strings)

So you can't directly traslate the given code to python, but you must do something like:

def GetTP(name):
  return tuple([2, 1])

and when you call it you must do:

retTuple = GetTP(name)
ter = retTuple[0]
prov = retTuple[1]

that is the same behaviour when in IronPython you call a C# method containing out/ref parameters.

In fact, in that case IronPython returns a tuple of out/ref parameters, and if there's a return value is the first in the tuple.

EDIT: actually it's possible to override a method with out/ref parameters, look here: