Why Shouldn't Helpers Have Html In Them?

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I have heard that it's best not to actually have any html in your helpers; my question is, Why not? And furthermore, if you were trying to generate an html list or something like that, how can I avoid actual tags?





My advice - if it's small pieces of HTML (a couple of tags) don't worry about it. More than that - think about partials (as pulling strings of html together in a helper is a pain that's what the views are good at).

I regularly include HTML in my helpers (either directly or through calls to Rails methods like link_to). My world has not come crashing down around me. In fact I'd to so far as to say my code is very clean, maintainable and understandable because of it.

Only last night I wrote a link_to_user helper to spits out html with normal link to the user along with the user's icon next to it. I could have done it in a partial, but I think link_to_user is a much cleaner way to handle it.