Why Python Requests.get And Requests.head Give Different HTTP Responses (200 Vs 302)?

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Here is the code:

requests.get('', params = {'stars':'Masses'}, headers={"api-key":"7d595e082708acc270489c7c78dbcc53"})

Here I get result: <Response [200]>.

But if I replace the requests.get with requests.head, as below:

requests.head('', params = {'stars':'Masses'}, headers={"api-key":"7d595e082708acc270489c7c78dbcc53"})

I get result <Response [302]>, which means I cannot obtain any meaningful info from this command line.

How can the same code for requests.get and requests.head give different results?

Is it possible that I get <Response [200]> for requests.head? Because I would like to read the headers without downloading the file.



By default requests follows redirects, but requests.head specifically doesn't:

**kwargs – Optional arguments that request takes. If allow_redirects is not provided, it will be set to False (as opposed to the default request behavior).

So, either figure out if there's a canonical URL which you can hit directly without redirect, or pass allow_redirects=True.