Why Is An Unchanged File Appearing In My Pull Request?

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I am working on an entity framework core project, where one of the files is the DbContextSnapshot

In my latest PR (to dev branch), that file appears in the 'files' section, as if there has been some change to it

However when viewing that file in the PR, there are no changes highlighted, and no changes previewed in the scroll-bar (usually red/green blocks appear here)

When clicking on the containing folder on the left, it displays a message

The file differs only in whitespace.

But I have selected this filter already, and no whitespace changes are shown

enter image description here

After checking out the branch and executing

$ git diff dev

I can see this for the file in question (I have no idea what it means)

diff --git a/Project/Migrations/DbContextSnapshot.cs b/Project/Migrations/DbContextSnapshot.cs
index d93acebd..4be2a955 100644
--- a/Project/Migrations/DbContextSnapshot.cs
+++ b/Project/Migrations/DbContextSnapshot.cs   
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@                                          
-// <auto-generated />                                                                                            
+// <auto-generated />                                                                                              
    using System;                                                                                                      
    using Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore;

what gives?



The file differs only in whitespace.

This can also be triggered by the UTF-8 BOM being added or removed.