Which One Is Best? Domain Redirect Or Alias?

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I have a very recently purchased website say (both domain name and hosting purchased with the same hosting company). I have not yet submitted this to search engines as the website development is still in progress.

Now, I have realized that the name is not so good, so want to change the name say like (just a domain name only without hosting plan) and require that when search for, it should get redirected to

1) I wanted to know, if I can achieve the domain redirection by purchasing with say some other domain registrar (different from my for example as a parked domain without any hosting and then following the steps for forwarding/redirecting this to Please clarify.

2) For this redirection, is it enough to modify the settings for the at only OR any updates need to be done to the configuration also?

3) I read many reviews that Google treats domain alias as duplicate content. Hence, wanted to go for domain redirection. Since my was purchased very recently and still development is in progress and not yet submitted to search engines, hope domain redirection is fine. Please advise which one is best domain redirection or alias in my case.

4) Also, please advise whether domain alias or redirect is best with respect to search engines.

Please, provide clarifications to my 3 points above using and for explanation purposes.



if you just purchased the domain then just scrap it and start fresh with the domain you really want, no reason in wasting time doing redirects and aliasing.