Where To Find Example Visual Studio 2015 Project(s) Using Typescript And React?

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Background: We currently have a raw HTML + TypeScript-based web app project in Visual Studio 2015. This environment works great: editing in the VS IDE, debugging with breakpoints in VS (when IE is used as the browser), IntelliSense for TypeScript and HTML, server launched upon running...

Now we decided to start using React for the views, and I'm looking for some information on how to set up the VS project environment. I'd like to be able to just open a project, press the Run button and have the app being built (I'll also be using .tsx files) and then started in a browser, with VS debugging capabilities (just like what I've set up now without React).

Question: Does anyone know of example VS 2015 projects combining TypeScript and React (so most probably using .tsx files) that I could open and run out-of-the box, just to learn how things can be set up in VS? No problem if it's just a very simple project.

Any advice/pointers to working examples welcome!



Here is one that I created pretty quickly, but it should have everything that you need to get going. It uses the following:

  1. ASP.NET 5
  2. React
  3. React Router (this is a single page app)
  4. Gulp
  5. Typescript
  6. Webpack

Let me know if you have any questions about it.