Where Is The Root Page For My Website Coming From?

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I checked out the source code for a website that my company runs with OctoberCMS via Git and got a DB dump and I'm not able to get my local copy of the website looking like the prod copy does.

In the myproject/themes/mytheme/pages directory there are three files:

  • home-page.htm
  • page1.htm
  • page2.htm

home-page.htm has the following:

title = "my_home"
url = "/home"
layout = "default"
is_hidden = 0
blah blah blah

On my local install /home returns the same content that / does on prod. Here's what / and /home do on both prod and local:


  • /home works
  • / returns an error 404


  • / works (returns the same content as /home on local)
  • /home returns an error 404

Why is prod behaving differently than local? The fact that home-page.htm has url = "/home" makes me think that local is behaving correctly. So why is prod behaving the way it is then? Where should I be looking to figure this out?



Turns out the production server was running (which stores CMS content in the DB instead of the local FS) whereas the local server wasn't.