Where is the react-devtool?


enter image description here

As you see ,I installed it on my Chrome. But there isn't react tool on my development tools




Currently, It's not possible to have React Dev Tools in Chrome. Please have a look at this official link:


It's currently not possible to use the "React" tab in the devtools to inspect app widgets. This is due to a change in how the application scripts are evaluated in the devtools plugin; they are now run inside a Web Worker, and the plugin is unaware of this and so unable to communicate properly with React Native.

However, you can still use the Console feature of the devtools, and debugging JavaScript with breakpoints works too. To use the console, make sure to select the ⚙debuggerWorker.js entry in the devtools dropdown that by default is set to .

There is also an open issue on github. Please have a look at this as well:


React Native now runs within a Web Worker on Chrome so that it gets a more pure and isolated JS environment that more closely mimics JSC on the device but this breaks the React devtools. @skevy pointed this out and I didn't see a task open yet. The fix might need to happen on the RN side but I figured that people thinking about the devtools are more likely to have a solution come to mind.

Repro: Run an app with RN master, run it in the Chrome debugger, try to use React devtools but "React" option doesn't show in the Web Inspector.

source: stackoverflow.com