Where Is Android Studio Installed Directory In MacOS?

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In the Install Android Studio section of the Flutter setup instructions, there is a paragraph:

Run flutter doctor to confirm that Flutter has located your installation of Android Studio. If Flutter cannot locate it, run flutter config --android-studio-dir <directory> to set the directory that Android Studio is installed to.

My question is, in my macOS, I don't know what directory my Android Studio is installed in.

flutter config --android-studio-dir <directory>

I list the directory ~/Applications/, but it only displays Chrome Apps:

debo-MacBook-Pro:Applications debo$ ls ~/Applications/
Chrome Apps.localized


Short answer: it's in a subdirectory of /Applications. No ~ beforehand.

Longer answer: ~/Applications is a subdirectory of your home directory (~) named "Applications". It doesn't have any special meaning to macOS.

/Applications is a directory in the root directory (/) that is used for all of the applications that show up in Launchpad, including Android Studio.