What Is The Fastest Way To Consume An JSON?

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I call a JSON with 7000 objects (I use the JS filter direct in the GET's scope and keep the response in a variable) by GET's axios and as you can see from the image it's taking too long, affecting SEO :(

It's 3 seconds delay!

I've done something:

I packed JSON with gzip

I used minify in the JSON*

I put cookies for 1 year on htacess

I put the direct filter on the GET call

Things I want to do but I am unsure and I need your help:

Use Algolia

Split JSON into parts

Can anyone help me please i can't find the answer is i have been looking for this for months :(((



You can implement pagination on your backend to send JSON in smaller peaces or open an stream to read the JSON string and parse it as it's comes