Web Development Tools Question - Automatic File Upload

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This should a quick question for some easy rep.

I'm doing some PHP Website development, decided to check out and play around with jQuery as well. I don't want to install and manage a local PHP server/service, but I would like a quick one click method for automatically uploading the PHP file I'm working on to my hosting service so I can test it live.

I'm looking into some different editors like Komodo Edit, Notepad++ but I'm wondering what tool has the ability to one click FTP for me?

Edit after a few posts came in:

Well Shoot, Ultra Edit costs around $100, and Aptana allows you to upload to their "Cloud", but you have to purchase the cloud space. I already have my own server. I'll have look into BlueFish a bit more....Thanks for the help guys.

I'm thinking I might try using Notepad++ and just write a batch file to run windows built in FTP, make a connection and copy all the files in a folder in auto-overwrite mode. Seem feasible?



I have a setup that I use FileZilla as the FTP, and NotePad++ as my text editor.

Within FileZilla, I set NotePad++ as the default text editor, and when I hit Ctrl-S within the file I am working on at that time, it automatically uploads those changes to the server.

You will be able to edit the preferences within FileZilla ( to set your default text editor, this is something you should be able to do with any FTP program.

Check out this post for more information: