Wait Until An Event Is Fired In NodeJs

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I am writing a function in my server to return data from client A to client B at the time client B is sending request. When function is called, my server send request to client A and then client A send data back to server. The problem is how to make this function wait until server received data from client A.

I already use setTimeout and it worked for me but it not flexible

//the code for receiving data from client A is written in another file
socketA.emit('getData', JSON.stringify(json));
//I want my function will stopping here
socketB.emit('sendData', somedata);

This is my code for receiving data from client

socket.on('getData', (data) =>{
   storage_data = data;

I expect there is a way to stop my function without using setTimeout or if I make something wrong, please tell me.




I think Promise is a definitely way (I not sure, but just give it a try).This Asynchronous in NodeJS might be helpful.