Vuejs Prerendering With Php Dynamic Content

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I have a Question about prerendering a vue app built with php ( laravel or pure php it doesn't matter ) My question is how really prerendering work with dynamic content For example: when I make a blog with vue and php to show post I make Ajax Request in my vue app.. how google bots and other web crawlers will read my site content

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The concept of prerendering is most used in SPA. It consists of rendering a placeholder or dynamic elements until the JavaScript code makes the necessary Ajax requests and uses the requested data to render new elements.

You can use prerendering to server-side render the HTML that you want to make indexable for the search engines. Using PHP and Vue.js to achieve that can be complex because you need to have a view for the PHP template engine and another one for Vue.js. It can be difficult to maintain when the application grows.

I've used hypernova to achieve that (Laravel and Vue.js). I wrote a couple of articles about it

You can read more about prerender, ssr, csr and universal rendering here:

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