VS2022 - Report Project Incompatible With Current Version Of Visual Studio

Finally saw that there is "Microsoft Reporting Services Projects 2022" available for VS2022, which should by idea work as a report designer and open the existing reports. But it turns out all of the report projects now are unsupported/incompatible due to new version of VS. If the VS2019 will be installed, there everything will work.

And migration report is not very informative:

The application which this project type is based on was not found. Please try this link for further information:

Any ideas how to make them work in VS2022? Maybe someone had similar experience?

error on trying to error resolve



If you'd like to have early access to VS2022 release candidate builds before they are published to the VS Gallery, we’re making available to give customers an opportunity to provide feedback prior to finalizing releases. To access the release candidate of the extensions in Visual Studio, you may do so by creating a “private gallery” and entering the following settings.

Navigate to Tools > Options and then select Extensions and Updates under General. Under "Additional Extension Galleries", enter the following details: Name: Microsoft BI VSIX Preview URL: After entering these settings, your "Extensions and Updates" dialog will show updates for the extension when there is a new release candidate that you can install to provide feedback for a day or two before the VS Gallery VSIX is updated.

Provide feedback and report issues with this Vsix Package or Reporting Services projects in general to: [email protected]