Using Robots.txt Or Another Method To Change The Default Page For Search Engines

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We have a flash "gateway" page displayed to users (only once) before they enter our corporate website. This flash page is default.aspx, served as default page by the server.

The issue is that Yahoo and other SE pick up the text from the body of the page, which happens to be the Javascript/Flash requirements warning in the noscript tag.

Is there a way to use robots.txt so that all search engines see home.aspx as the default page?

I am not stuck on using robots.txt to do this, so if there's another approach please recommend that instead.

I am aware of the issues with "gateway" pages -- this was a request coming from "management" despite my recommendation against the practice. Please offer solutions other than removing the gateway page.

Thank you!



What if "default.aspx" looked at the useragent and sent a redirect to "home.aspx" if the useragent is a robot?