Using Graph API Explorer Gets Friends List But My Own App Doesn't . (Graph API Explorer Token V.s App Token)

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I am trying to get my friends list in my app. If I use the access token in my Graph API Explorer console and hit the url.'GraphAPIToken'. I am able to get the complete friends list. If I try using the SDK or any library like fbgraph for nodejs I just get the summary which contains the count. I know that with ^v2.0 I have access only to taggable_friends or invitable_friends. My question is that why can the complete friends list be obtained only by Graph API Explorer Token and not any other ?



You cannot get the whole friends list anymore, even with Graph API Explorer (with chosen version >=2.0). That's just not correct that this is possible.

Furthermore, there is no such thing as Graph API Explorer Token. There are either

  • App
  • User
  • Page
  • Client

Access Tokens. From where you get those is not relevant.