Using Backend Forms In Frontend - OctoberCMS

I have a form in the back-end to create new entries. I want to allow my website's front-end users to create these entries as well, so since I already have such form and the controller in the back-end, I'd like to utilize it in the front-end as well.

I've created a component for the front-end and tried to render the back-end form in it, like so:

# components/NewEntryForm.php
<?php namespace Author\PluginName\Components;

use Cms\Classes\ComponentBase;
use Author\PluginName\Models\Entry;
use Author\PluginName\Controllers\Entries as EntryController;

class NewEntryForm extends ComponentBase
    public function componentDetails()
        return [
            'name'        => 'NewEntryForm Component',
            'description' => 'No description provided yet...'

    public function onRun()
        // New back-end form with the context of 'frontend'
        $formController = new EntryController();

        // Append the entryController to the page
        $this->page['form'] = $formController;

        // Add backend styles to the form
        $this->addCss('/modules/backend/assets/css/controls.css', 'core');

Component's default.htm:

<!-- components/newentryform/default.htm -->
<form role="form"
    data-request="{{ __SELF__ }}::onSave"

    {{ form.formRender()|raw }}

    <div class="form-group">
        <button class="btn btn-primary btn-block btn-lg" type="submit" value="register">Create</button>

However, I get the following error:

An exception has been thrown during the rendering of a template ("The partial '_field_richeditor.htm' is not found.").



You need to resister those widgets manually , as in backend they are registered by backend provider.

Code for registering widgets in frontend, you need to put this code in your plugin's Plugin.php file

// import
use Backend\Classes\WidgetManager;

class Plugin extends PluginBase
    public function register() {
      WidgetManager::instance()->registerFormWidgets(function ($manager) {
        // You can add them as per need
        $manager->registerFormWidget('Backend\FormWidgets\RichEditor', 'richeditor');

        // $manager->registerFormWidget('Backend\FormWidgets\CodeEditor', 'codeeditor');          
        // $manager->registerFormWidget('Backend\FormWidgets\MarkdownEditor', 'markdown');
        // $manager->registerFormWidget('Backend\FormWidgets\FileUpload', 'fileupload');
        // $manager->registerFormWidget('Backend\FormWidgets\Relation', 'relation');
        // $manager->registerFormWidget('Backend\FormWidgets\DatePicker', 'datepicker');
        // $manager->registerFormWidget('Backend\FormWidgets\TimePicker', 'timepicker');
        // $manager->registerFormWidget('Backend\FormWidgets\ColorPicker', 'colorpicker');
        // $manager->registerFormWidget('Backend\FormWidgets\DataTable', 'datatable');
        // $manager->registerFormWidget('Backend\FormWidgets\RecordFinder', 'recordfinder');
        // $manager->registerFormWidget('Backend\FormWidgets\Repeater', 'repeater');
        // $manager->registerFormWidget('Backend\FormWidgets\TagList', 'taglist');
        // $manager->registerFormWidget('Backend\FormWidgets\MediaFinder', 'mediafinder');
        // $manager->registerFormWidget('Backend\FormWidgets\NestedForm', 'nestedform');
    // ... other code ...

It will register widgets, and you can use them in front-end without any issues.

if any doubts please comment.