Untypical Trying To Get Property Of Non-object...?

I have a problem with Laravel 5. I get a

trying to get property of non-object

error when I try to access an eloquent property in blade.

But it's not normal because this works fine:

{{ dd($item->relation->property) }}

While this throws the error:

{{ $item->relation->property }}

What's going on there? I already tried to clear the cache, I also deleted the compiled views.

Update 19.01. 14:24 EST

Here's the content of my database (All items in my item-dump):

It stops counting at ID22:

[2016-01-19 13:17:34] local.INFO: 10  
[2016-01-19 13:17:34] local.INFO: 11  
[2016-01-19 13:17:34] local.INFO: 12  
[2016-01-19 13:17:34] local.INFO: 19  
[2016-01-19 13:17:34] local.INFO: 21  
[2016-01-19 13:17:34] local.INFO: 22  
[2016-01-19 13:17:34] local.ERROR: ErrorException: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/vagrant/Code/Emerald/storage/framework/views/e18baccf6428ca42183f454a47f2cc9156379826.php:22

I did Log::info($item->id) before I access any other property of this object.



I finally got it! The relation to my item #22 (where the error occoured) was soft-deleted but now I did this and everything works fine again :)