Unix Commands Like Ping, Ssh, Work Fine But Socket-based Programs Are Failing In Connect

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I got a call from a tester about a machine that was failing our software. When I examined the problem machine, I quickly realized the problem was fairly low level: Inbound network traffic works fine. Basic outbound command like ping and ssh are working fine, but anything involving the connect() call is failing with "No route to host".

For example - on this particular machine this program will fail on the connect() statement for any IP address other than

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use Socket;
my ($remote,$port, $iaddr, $paddr, $proto, $line);

$remote  = shift || 'localhost';
$port    = shift || 2345;  # random port
if ($port =~ /\D/) { $port = getservbyname($port, 'tcp') }
die "No port" unless $port;
$iaddr   = inet_aton($remote)           || die "no host: $remote";
$paddr   = sockaddr_in($port, $iaddr);

$proto   = getprotobyname('tcp');
socket(SOCK, PF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, $proto)      || die "socket: $!";
connect(SOCK, $paddr)    || die "connect: $!"; 
while (defined($line = <SOCK>)) {
    print $line;

close (SOCK)        || die "close: $!";

Any suggestions about where this machine is broken? It's running SUSE-10.2.



I would check firewall configuration on that machine. It is possible for iptables (I guess your SUSE has iptables firewall) to be setup to let trough only ping ICMP packets.