Unicorn, Nginx And Serving Sitemap.xml

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I have my rails app rendering sitemap.xml

I'm running unicorn on 8080 and nginx.

When I do http://server:8080/sitemap.xml I get the sitemap.

HOWEVER, when I do http://server/sitemap.xml I get a part of the sitemap.xml but not all of it.

Everything else is working just fine. Static files are serving up just fine as well.

I suspect it has to do with the size of the sitemap and its transfer between unicorn and nginx.

Has anyone encountered the same problem before? Suggestions?



The solution is the following.

1- follow @sergei's suggestion above: check the error.log for nginx

2- In my case, I needed to grant access to the nginx user to the path where unicorn's proxy is storing the files for upstreaming. In my case, it was in /opt/nginx/proxy_temp do the following: chown -R nginx:nginx . while in /opt/nginx/proxy_temp

3- make sure you have user nginx; in your /opt/nginx/conf/nginx.conf or wherever you have it.