Undefined Class Constant 'App\Providers\RouteServiceProvider::HOME'

After upgrading the laravel 5.8 to laravel 6.x I am getting this error:

Undefined class constant 'App\Providers\RouteServiceProvider::HOME'

Before upgrading the application login system was the custom. After upgrading to laravel 6.x I want to use laravel default authentication. I created authentication through php artisan ui:auth and I copied controllers from fresh laravel app/Http/Controllers/Auth folder with auth related controllers like - LoginController, RegisterController etc.

What should I do to solve the above error? Would someone help me, please?



In Laravel 6 the $redirectTo property in the auth controllers was updated so that it was easier to change across the board. Link to PR.

To fix the error you can either add the following to your App\Providers\RouteServiceProvider.php class:

 * The path to the "home" route for your application.
 * @var string
public const HOME = '/home';

or in each of your auth controller update the $redirectTo property to be the route that you want to use:

protected $redirectTo = RouteServiceProvider::HOME;


protected $redirectTo = '/the-path-you-want-to-redirect-to';