Unable To Run Flutter Command On MS VS Code

I have created a flutter project on VS, and could not run any command through VS code's terminal, I have reinstalled the VS code and still give me this error:

[X] Visual Studio - develop for Windows
X Visual Studio not installed; this is necessary for Windows development.
Download at
Please install the "Desktop development with C++" workload, including all of its default components

I have installed it again and don't know why it stays it is not installed!

Any idea how to solve it?

Thank you



From your image; you are using Visual Studio Code, not Visual Studio.

Flutter 2.10 arrives with stable support for building Windows app, for more.

Therefore, while running flutter doctor you are able to see this error. If you've plan to build Windows app, you need to install Visual Studio with Desktop development with C++. You need to download and install Visual studio if you wish to remove this error.

You can read more about build for window here.