Unable To Remove Padding

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I'm having a an issue with my Wordpress site, Visual Composer and the RAW HTML module. I'm new to javascript and using the RAW HTML module.

I'm using the RAW HTML module to call up a youtube video in a specific way. However,

extra padding is added to the top of the row that I can't seem to remove.

I've tried adding negative margins to the bottom of the "Boost Your Chair" row and to the top of 2 columns below it, but nothing seems to work. That extra space is always there. Everything lays out fine if I remove the RAW HTML module and use a regular text or video module.

extra padding between rows example



Here is the offending selector:


Try putting this in your css:

.vc_row-has-fill+.vc_row-full-width+.vc_row>.vc_column_container>.vc_column-inner {padding-top: 0 !important;}