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I have a TYPO3 version 6.2 website and I am working on a AMP version.

I use a condition in URL to load different versions of the same TYPO3 page depending if the page version request is AMP or not.

Regular version of the page :

AMP version of the page

Everything works fine except if my page contains image inserted in the RTE

In this case I would need to convert <img> to <amp-img>for images inserted in the RTE when the version asked is AMP.

I already have a global var condition to load custom TS when AMP version is called.

But no idea how to convert <img> to <amp-img> Any idea on how to achieve that?



if it is only a replacement of the tag name you could try to use a (conditioned) string replacement on one of these levels:

  • the whole page.
    you could do a stdWrap.replacement, but that might not work on cached content

  • the page content in fluid.
    just use a viewhelper to replace text of rendered content. that even could be a typoscript VH:
    (<f:cObject typoscriptObjectPath="lib.img2ampimg">{content}</f:cObject>)

  • the page content in typoscript.
    depending wether you render your content with TS you might add stdWrap.replacement there:


page { 
    10 {
        variables {
            content < styles.content.get

[--your amp condition--]
    page.10.variables.content.stdWrap.replacement { = <img
        2.replace = <amp-img