TYPO3 Frontent: Form Action Results Page Not Found

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I'm working on TYPO3 migration from 6.2.31 to 8.7.19.

In my templates I'm using a navigationbar which should filter a list of videos based on categories. The navigationbar is a formular:

<f:if condition="{loggedIn}">
        <form name="audit_vw_filter" method="post" id="audit_vw_filterForm"
        <form name="audit_vw_filter" method="post" id="audit_vw_filterForm"
<f:for each="{categories}" as="category" iteration="i">
    //list the category
    <span id="fontRed{category.uid}" class="vw_navigationbarFilter filterLinkCategory" onclick="setActualCategory('{}','{category.uid}')">{}</span>

In JavaScript I declared every category as a submit when click on it.


So now the action from my form should be executed and call my 'FrontendVideo' Controller which should give me a feedback in form of a debug.

public function listSelectedMemberAction () {
    DebuggerUtility::var_dump("Hello World");

It seems like the function of the Controller isn't reached. Instead there is a friendly "Page not found" :/

As Expected the URL is:[action]=listSelectedMember&tx_vidverwaltung_vidverwaltungfrontend[controller]=FrontendVideo

On the old version 6.2.31 it worked fine. So maybe there is a change of how I call a Controller function or maybe a problem with realurl etc....

Thanks in advance!



I found the problem:

In the older TYPO3 versions TYPO3_CONF_VARS['FE']['pageNotFoundOnCHashError'] was set to true by default, so if the cHash is empty the error message is outputed.

So I tend to revert the pageNotFoundOnCHashError to "false" as default value.

to do this go into your

Install Tool > All configuration > Frontend

and change pageNotFoundOnCHashError to false

[FE][pageNotFoundOnCHashError] = false