TYPO3 Direct_mail_subscription Double-Opt-In-Out Not Activ

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I am using extension direct_mail and direct_mail_subscription for newsletter. In the settings it is clear that i should first confirm the address, so the adress should be in the database as hidden.

// Create setup
create = 1
create {
    userFunc_afterSave = EXT:direct_mail_subscription/pi/class.dmailsubscribe.php:user_dmailsubscribe->saveRecord
    preview = 0
    // add captcha, if you use captcha
    fields = gender, name, hidden, email, module_sys_dmail_category, module_sys_dmail_html
    required = gender, name, email

    noSpecialLoginForm = 1
    # Initially hide the user until he approves!
    overrideValues.hidden = 1 = uniqueLocal, email

so the field hidden in the database should be in the begining 1, however, all data are set to 0 without confirming the address.

Typo3 Version 8.7.2. What should the reason be? Do you have an idea?



Make sure that you have included the static TypoScript template in your own TypoScript template:

enter image description here

You can verify that it is included in the TypoScript Object Browser:

enter image description here