TYPO3: Custom Extension - "The Extension Name Must Not Be Empty" Error

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I have upgraded TYPO3 version from 9 to 10. But my custom extensions throwing

(1/1) #1239891990 InvalidArgumentException
The extension name must not be empty

error while I am trying to re-activate those.

Thank you in advance



Please check your extension for the usage of one of these methods:


Most probably you have to search in ext_localconf.php, ext_tables.phpor any file in Configuration/TCA/Overrides.

The first parameter of each of these methods is the extension name (in UpperCamelCase) or the extension key (in lower_underscore). This is missing according to your error message.

Maybe your extension relies on $_EXTKEY. Starting with TYPO3 10 LTS the variable $_EXTKEY isn't filled with the extension key anymore. Solution: use the hardcoded extension key within ext_tables.php and ext_localconf.php. See the documentation for details.