TYPO3 Cache Warmup With Crawler Not Working

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I have a strange behaviour with the cache in my TYPO3 installation:


  • TYPO3 v9.5.22
  • the cache for the page exists
  • the page is only accessible for a certain FE usergroup
  • cache is build with EXT:crawler (the configuration is setup with the needed FE usergroup)

First test

  • I am logged in with a FE user with the needed FE usergroup

Page needs long time on first request, runs fast on second request → that feels as if the cache does not exist but is build with the first request

Second test

  • still logged in with same FE user from first test
  • also logged in as BE user with activated adminPanel
  • settings in the adminPanel:
    • "No cache" is not checked (so cache should be used)

Same behaviour as in first test, adminPanel → TypoScript shows that page is build (Page generation), so cache is not used

Third test

  • all settings from second test
  • settings in adminPanel:
    • simulate FE usergroup → choose the needed FE usergroup

Fast response, adminPanel show that cache is used.

My conclusion:

  • cache in general works
  • warm up fails somehow → crawler configuration might be falsy?

What can be the reasons for this behaviour?
Is my configuration falsy?
Can some other settings in TYPO3 create this situation?



The problem was following:

  • the page is access restricted with a single FE usergroup
  • in the crawler configuration I added only the single FE usergroup which was needed to access the page
  • the FE user had twoFE usergroups.

The reason why the cache from the crawler is not taken into account depends on the way how TYPO3 caching works:

  • TYPO3 gets allFE usergroups of a user.
  • These FE usergroups are one of the input parameter to caculate a hash.
  • This hash is an identifier. It is used to check whether a cache was already build with these parameters.
  • My crawler was set up with only one FE usergroup but my test user has two of them.
  • That's why the hash will be different. So the cache which was created by the crawler is not taken into account.

So the solution would be: Create a crawler configuration for every possible FE usergroup configuration which could users have.