Troubles With Artisan Tinker Encoding

I have got some trouble, that when I run artisan command, all special characters like spaces and braces get encoded in some weird way (I will post here as soon as I get to my home machine, but it looks like [m39[[ instead of space and others also like this).

That only occures on my home machine using Git Bash (latest 2.7.2 from git-scm). When I am using windows CMD or using Git Bash on other machines - everything is ok.

Update: here is an example :

†ђ[30;43mPHP error:  Undefined variable: a on line 1в†ђ[39;49m


I had this issue and it's something to do with git bash being unable to interpret colour properly, or something along those lines.

I tried lots of different things and not sure which one did the trick but there's quite a few questions here on SO on the same issue, here's a few for you to check out:

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