Trigger A Click With JQuery Using Link_to Of Rails 4

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I'm working on a Rails 4 app. I need to trigger a click in a link using javascript (or jQuery). I have this in my view:

<%= link_to t('.fixture'), fixture_manager_tournament_path(format: :js), remote: true, id: 'fixture-link' %>

this generates:

<a id="fixture-link" data-remote="true" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noreferrer" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noreferrer" href="/manager/tournaments/1/fixture.js">Fixture</a>

Notice the remote: true. This is working fine when I click the link, but I need to simulate the click through js. I've tried with:


But none of them are working. Thanks in advance!


@RustComet Comet It should replace the HTML of one of my divs...

@RichPeck I have a view too big. Then, to avoid long rendering time, I'm trying to load partials through JS. I've used this info: to achieve that.

My view have various tabs and all of they are loaded through JS (except one). Then I added an additional parameter to the route in order to access directly to the desired tab. So I can go to /tournament?active=fixture and see the fixture.

The issue is, the tab is active but the content isn't here. (Of course, the ajax request and callbacks aren't fired until I clic on the link). That is why I'm trying to simulate a clic on that link and load the corresponding tab.



Solved! I've solved this by loading the correct JS and executing it directly, using the 'active' parameter and without need a click on the links. Thanks to everyone who helped me!

If someone wants to know, this is the code I've used (its coffeescript):

tournament = $('#main-wrapper').data('tournament')
$.get '/manager/tournaments/' + tournament + '/fixture.js', (data) -> data