Tomcat 8.5 Hot Code Replace Failed - Delete Method Not Implemented

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I have a problem when using Tomcat 8.5 with Eclipse. If I comment a java method, I get the error below, and also if I restart the server I cannot get synchronized. The only way to get synchronized is to restart Server. I am using: - tomcat 8.5.x - Eclipse mars 2 - Java 8 - Tomcat manager plugin for eclipse, i cannot add tomcat server as usual because of the architecture of the project.

Any suggestion to solve de problem?

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I am responding because I have found the solution.

First of all, the best practice is to created a Dynamic Web Project as suggested, but due to economic reasons (current architecture is installed and configured on a large number of servers and mantained by different prsons) we cannot change it.

The problem was in a class using a native Sun package and the use of the class JPEGImageEncoder that was deprecated after Java 6. Removing the use of that class and configuring ant to use java 7 and downgrading the jdk configured in Tomcat Manager Plugin from JDK 8 to JDK 7, after the deploy, the problem disappeared.