This Question Is Asked In A Coding Test. I Am Unable To Find The Solution Till Now

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An array of integer is given of size n. We have to make all the equal. For this we can add 1, 2 or 5 to the array element any time and to any element. We have to find minimum no of operation to do so?

For example Array. 2 2 3 7

Output should be 2

Explanation In first operation we add 1 to 2,2,7 After that array will be as 3 3 3 8 Now in 2nd operation we add 5 to 3,3,3 After that array will be as 8,8,8,8



You could first think about how many operations it would cost to get all values to the highest value in the list.

In a second step you can think if there could be a better solution if you try to reach highest-value+1, highest-value+2, highest-value+3, highest-value+4 .