The Laravel View Is Not Working On Linux Server

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thank you for reading my question, I have search everywhere in this forum but all of them are still having problem with my site now...

My site is full on Laravel, we are working on Linux Server if you know Digital Ocean... Our problem now is that we cannot access the site beside, other than that are not. Even we have routing into: Route::get('karyawan','[email protected]'), when we want to go to, the page is not there, we have set the controller into the blade, named index.blade.php

here is the response from the server:

we have done by restarting the apache, mod_rewrite but have no effect... can anyone help us?




"what kind of "app" or "everything" that you mean" ............. Copy index.php from your 'public' folder and paste it in your project root folder. (better rename 'public' to some public_xyz , as you are not going to use that any more). After this you need not to have 'public' in your url. Now go to your server.php, and comment this line :
//require_once __DIR__.'/public/index.php';
and make it as

 require_once __DIR__.'/index.php';

Now your URL should look like