Suggestions Please For A Home Version Control System

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I have a home project that really needs to be in Source Control. I tried installing Subversion, which I have some experience with, but couldn't get it working. I don't particularly want to use SourceSafe. I'm a bit nervous about Git/Mercury as being somewhat cryptic, although this is only based on opinion rather than my experience.

Main requirements are:

  1. Must be open source (well, it needs to be free but that sounds a bit cheap!)
  2. Must run on Win32
  3. Would prefer a GUI interface if one is available

Many thanks in advance!

edit: Just to let you all know, I installed VisualSVN and had it working in no time. Thanks for the great advice.



I know you mentioned you already tried Subversion and had some issues but you really can't beat the easy install & configuration of

VisualSVN Server

Insanely easy to setup & maintain.

Use VisualSVN for the back-end and TortoiseSVN for the client and you'll be up and running in no time.

Plus you can always do an svndump of the VisualSVN repository if you want to switch to something else down the road.