Styled Components - Two Different Elements With The Same Styles

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I have a Button component (in React) which can either be a button or an a element, depending on if a href prop is passed to the component. Something similar to below:

const Button = ({ children, href, onClick }) => {
    if(href) {
        return <a href={href} onClick={onClick}>{children}</a>;

    return <button type="button" onClick={onClick}>{children}</button>;

I previously used Sass to style these components, but am now attempting to move over to styled-components. However, I have come across an issue where these two elements require the same styles, but the syntax of styled-components would require me to create to separate variables - styled.button and styled.a, with duplicated styles for each.

I was wondering if there was a way of dynamically changing the element used in styled-components, maybe based on props in the same way one can change individual CSS properties? I have attempted something along the lines of:

const StyledButton = styled((props) => props.href ? 'a' : 'button')`

but no luck so far. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Create generic styles that you can reuse

You can extract and pass styles as string args to a styled component.

const buttonStyles = `
color: red;

const StyledA = styled.a(buttonStyles);
const StyledButton = styled.button(buttonStyles);

If you need some exceptions

import styled, { css } from ‘styled-components’;

const baseInputStyles = css`
  padding: 0.5em;

const StyledA = styled.a`

const StyledButton = styled.button`
  /* make changes as needed*/