Stripe Inline Form & Disabled Javascript

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Inline payment forms with Stripe require using Javascript in order to setup the form, request a token, and then submit the form with the token.

This is working just perfectly... But I couldn't find any fallback for javascript-disabled browsers. Isn't it a significant accessibility issue ?

I assume that people who disabled javascript for performance/security reasons could re-enabled it temporarily it they do trust the seller, but what about blind people using adapted browsers without JS ?

Is there any workaround for having a Stripe embedded form without JS ?



but what about blind people using adapted browsers without JS ?

I'm blind myself.

In fact, we generally use the same browsers as everybody else: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, ... As in the general population, blind people using uncommon browsers are very rare, and those who do probably 1/have their reasons and 2/are better in understanding computers.

If you are wondering how we can use a "normal" browser, I suggest that you make a search about screen reader.

Isn't it a significant accessibility issue ?

It is no longer. WCAG 1 state that an alternative without JavaScript should be provided. At the time WCAG 1 has been written, JS wasn't so popular and so well supported. So well, it was very important.

WCAG 2 no longer has this requirement. However, obviously, you must ensure that all dynamic contents generated or managed by JS be always accessible.

If your page absolutely require JS and is totally unusable without it (it's becoming very common with SPA), it's still a good practice to indicate that JS is required, in case it is disabled. Use <noscript> for this.