Stripe Connect Firebase Functions

Looked all over, tried capturing the code via swift but still need a function to fire off the code to get an Express account to connect.

Won't waste your time with the code attempts, so looking for Firebase Functions that will setup a Stripe Connect endpoint for redirection and send back the code to finalise the process.

Anyone care to help?

Thanks for reading.



You'll want to do something like this:

  1. Open a browser or web view from your App. Let the user work through the form to sign up for a Stripe account.
  2. Use Firebase's ability to call functions via HTTP requests, to define an endpoint that you can set as your Connect redirect_uri. Let's say
  3. In your Firebase function, you will grab the code parameter that's included in the query string (request.query.code), then to complete the connection process, use a HTTP client to POST the appropriate data to
  4. In the return of your Firebase function, either supply a message encouraging the user to close their browser, OR create a redirect, directing the user back to your app (using something like a custom url scheme as the redirect destination)