Store Values In Client Computer Permanently?

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Is there a way to store values on client side permanently?

I have a site, flash game (the game is not developed by me, of course), after you registered, it will recognize you even after u close browser, clear cache and cookies, and even restart computer and modem. Where do they store the values? Why the flash game can recognize me after few days?

After research in google, I still cant get the answer. My guess is, is it stored in my computer RAM? How could it possible? If my guess is true, how do we store values in RAM??


The flash game is created in : AS3



RAM is not perisistent with reboots. So its not possible to remember anything stored in RAM even after a single reboot. I have read about something called "Local Shared Objects" which are a bit more than the normal ones. Clearing normal caches/cookies wont clear them away.