Sql Query COUNT Number Of Occurences When Joining A Table

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Im trying to return the names of all members that have registered a tasting of a coffe in my DB, and count number of tasting each name has left.

select bruker.navn, COUNT(*) from kaffesmaking inner join bruker on kaffesmaking.bruker_epost =

table "user" has the columns

name, email , password

table "tasting (alias kaffesmaking) has the columns:

id, note, date, score, user_email, coffename

I want a list displaying

names with numbers of tastings done by that particular user.


John Johnson 5 Jessie ashford 3 Paul newman 8

Where the number represents the number of rows that specific user has added in the tasting table.

Any help would be appreciated



You were almost there, you need to add a "group by" to your SQL

SELECT bruker.navn
     , COUNT(*) as tastings
  FROM kaffesmaking
  INNER JOIN bruker
       ON kaffesmaking.bruker_epost =;
  group by bruker.navn;