SQL Microsoft Query To Laravel 4.2

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Hello, all from all countries. I need a SQL query converted to LARAVEL 4.2 cause i dont have yet the experience to manage it, my own !

The SQL is in SQL server microsoft 2008

SELECT TOP(10) logst_data, LogSt_date, LogSt_studid FROM Home_LogStudents WHERE logst_action = 225 AND LogSt_sectionID = 257 AND LogSt_date IN (SELECT MIN(LogSt_date) FROM Home_LogStudents WHERE logst_data <> '0' AND logst_action = 225 AND LogSt_sectionID = 257 AND (LogSt_studid IN (select home_id FROM Hw_StudentClasses INNER JOIN Home_Students ON home_studid = Stclass_studid WHERE Stclass_classid = (129))) GROUP BY LogSt_studid) ORDER BY LogSt_data DESC

all i could do is in the NEXT PICTURE :enter image description here but the $id and $class_id are not recognizible in the $query....ALSO THE CODE:

$users = DB::Table('Home_LogStudents')

Thank you in advance and only for looking !



So i found the answer ,it was easy so all i did was to use Raw Query cause the query was too complex to translate it to laravel or maybe i couldnt do it so i did this.....

$users = DB::select('SELECT     TOP (10) Home_LogStudents.LogSt_data, Home_LogStudents.LogSt_date, Home_LogStudents.LogSt_studid, Home_Students.home_firstname, Home_Students.home_lastname
FROM         Home_LogStudents
INNER JOIN  Home_Students
ON Home_LogStudents.LogSt_studid = Home_Students.home_id
WHERE     (Home_LogStudents.LogSt_action = 225)
AND (Home_LogStudents.LogSt_sectionID = '.$id.')
AND (Home_LogStudents.LogSt_date IN
                          (SELECT     MIN(LogSt_date) AS Expr1
                            FROM          Home_LogStudents AS Home_LogStudents_1
                            WHERE      (LogSt_data <> \'0\')
                            AND (LogSt_action = 225)
                            AND (LogSt_sectionID = '.$id.') AND (LogSt_studid IN
                                                       (SELECT     Home_Students_1.home_id
                                                         FROM          Hw_StudentClasses INNER JOIN
                                                                                Home_Students AS Home_Students_1
                                                         ON Home_Students_1.home_studid = Hw_StudentClasses.Stclass_studid
                                                         WHERE      (Hw_StudentClasses.Stclass_classid = ' .$class_id.')))
                            GROUP BY LogSt_studid))
ORDER BY Home_LogStudents.LogSt_data DESC

Actually i used outside the string the $id and the $class_id by using '. $id.' and the '.$class_id.'

I Hope this helps you , so for complex queries... just use RAW QUERIES